Feeling Bitter? Add Butter!

It's time to bake your own memories and Bertha Mason is here to help. Call up that Hausfrau of the heartland and she'll give you and your friends a baking lesson that you will never forget. Bertha arrives at your place with her vintage aprons, rolling pins, and recipe box bursting with fun!

Email Bertha or call Bertha's events hotline,
(917) 364-5334, for details on how she can teach baking at your next party.

Bertha Mason Events

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
125 E.7th Street
New York City, NY

Saturday and Sundays in the summer stop by the gayest ice cream place in the world for a salty pimp, a Bea Arthur cone, and some delicious sass and camp from the Hausfrau of the Heartland. The Big Gay Ice Cream shop is where unicorns make sprinkles for you to enjoy! From 1 to 4 join the fun with the Master baker of the Midwest!

Pie Gram from Bertha Mason
Send the Hausfrau of the Heartland with a homemade pie to your next office party, birthday, or funeral. Bertha Mason arrives with a homemade seasonal 9 inch pie, balloons, plates, napkins, and heaping spoonfuls of comedy. It is the fun of a singing telegram but delivered with campy sassy and a delicious pie!

Just imagine the surprise and enjoyment when a 250 pound Midwestern matron arrives for the office party or holiday get together. While Bertha slices up the homemade pie, she also dishes up wholesome stories about Minnesota, baking tips, and romance. Email for details!